Blog: Top 5 ski resorts in France

Top 5 ski resorts in France 

Did you not book a ski holiday, are you hesitating about where to go or do you want to visit another ski resort next year? The following French ski resorts will help you to be inspired.

  1. Val Thorens, France

The French ski resort of Val Thorens has been on top of the ‘Best ski resorts in Europe’ list for a few years now. Val Thorens is the biggest ski resort on our planet with more than 600 kilometres of slopes and is located in Les 3 Vallées. The altitude of the village is 1300 meters and the highest point is 3200 meters. The resort started being popular in the ’70 and has been very popular ever since.

Val Thorens is one of the most beautiful ski resorts in Europe and every snow lover will have an amazing time there.

  1. Alpe D’huez, France

 The French ski resort of Alpe D’huez is also a great resort. The slopes are quite hard for beginners but if you are an average skier this resort is amazing. The resort offers 250 kilometres of slopes. The altitude of the village is 1450 meters and the highest point is 3330 meters.

Alpe D’huez is also a busy resort in the summer. Many nature lovers travel to this French village to concur the hills on their bikes or on foot. The steep roads and mountain paths are a real challenge.

  1. La Plagne, France

 The French ski resort La Plagne is a very big ski resort, combined with ski resort Les Arcs and ski resort Paradiski, which measures more than 400 kilometres of slopes. The highest point is 3000 meters and the altitude of the village is 1250 meters.

The village itself is not the most exiting place to visit but the resort is amazing. The slopes are made for every sort of skier, from beginner to expert. 

  1. Saint François Longchamp, France

 The French ski resort Saint François Longchamp is the fourth resort in our list. Saint François Longchamp, together with Valmorel, forms the ski resort of Le Grand Domaine. It is located around the famous Col de la Madeleine. The altitude of the village is 1250 meters and the highest point is 2550 meters.

Le Grand Domaine offers al lot of variation of slopes with a view of the Mont Blanc. The slopes are made for every sort of skier.

  1. Saint Cervais, France

 The fifth ski resort in France is Saint Gervais. This popular resort is located on the bottom of the Mont Blanc and the village has an altitude of 571 meters. The highest point of the Mont Blanc is 4807 meters.

The spot of Saint Gervais in our list is not only because of the amazing slopes and nature. Saint Gervais is also a great place for night skiing, tourskiing and long walks through the snow.